We have various options for flower subscriptions which make a perfect gift or a treat for yourself! 

Option 1: 

Loose flowers and foliage - stems are paper wrapped for the recipient to condition and arrange themselves. These will be seasonal blooms with complementing foliage. Starting from £25 (Standard £25, Indulgent £35, Extravagant £45) 

Option 2: 
Flower arrangers gift set - includes a vase, florist scissors, flower food, flowers and care card. £45 for the first purchase and £25 thereafter (for a Standard, Indulgent £35, Extravagant £45) 

Option 3: 
Bouquet -
 A bouquet beautifully arranged and gift wrapped in a water bubble and gift box. Choose an amount starting from £35 

Option 4:
Wrapped bunch - This is a bouquet which has been arranged by our talented florists without a water bubble or gift box, perfect if you are putting it straight into a vase. Starting from £25 Standard (Indulgent £35, Extravagant £45) 

Option 5: 
Vase Arrangement -
Customers can provide a vase or we can provide them (at a cost). If having a weekly or bi weekly subscription, we suggest using a pair of vases so we can fill one and keep one at the shop. This way we can drop off the fresh arrangement in a vase ready and pick up the empty one. We will then keep this empty one at the shop, ready for the next arrangement. Starting from £35 if customer providing vases (dependent on size of vase provided). If we provide vases - Starting from £50 for first subscription then from £35 thereafter. 


  • Weekly  

  • Monthly 

  • Bi monthly 

  • Once a year 

The flowers will be best available - our talented florists will choose the most beautiful blooms available to create your arrangement or bouquet. To help them choose the most suitable for you, we will ask the following questions: 

  • Do you have pets at home? (we will make sure we don’t include any toxic flowers/ foliage) 

  • Are there any colours that you love?

  • Are there any colours you dislike? 

  • Are there any flowers that you love? (we will try and include these when we can) 

  • Are there any flowers you dislike? 

  • Do you prefer: wild/ classic or contemporary style?


If you would be interested in setting up a regular delivery of flowers, please get in touch by emailing flowers@beautyinblooms.co.uk or call us on 01189344420 

We would love to hear from you!